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    hello there, im Rose, im just glad to speak to another earthquake sensitive. so thats what they call us now^_^. well for years ever since i was a little kid i heard earthquakes coming. it sounded like the sound when your driving in a car on the freeway with the window down. you know, that pounding sound?

    i thought i was the only one until recently i googled it and found others. i hope your day finds you well,


    Reply from EQSenCA:

    Thanks for your comment, Rose, and welcome to the site! Always nice to meet a fellow EQsen. It's fascinating to read of how you "hear" quakes; I've just learned something about the unique ways in which we all "sense" them. Monitor us often, if you can, and never hesitate to report any physical, emotional or other sensation that you might feel is, if even remotely, related to quake activity because this helps us compare notes. Do confer with Lightworkx4 and DianeEQ, as these ladies have been at this a long time and I consider them experts in the art. Take care and see you online.